Meghan Markle’s Dad Called Out By Sharon Osbourne, Is Reportedly ‘Furious,’ Per ‘Daily Mail’

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Given her marriage to legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne, it can be said that Sharon Osbourne has had her share of experiences with people with current or previous substance abuse problems. And it appears that the X Factor judge and veteran music promoter believes Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, needs to seriously cut down on the booze, as she alleged on a recent episode of her CBS show, The Talk.

As recalled by the Daily Mail earlier on Thursday, Sharon Osbourne looked “pained” while she was discussing the troubles the Duchess of Sussex has had to deal with amid the many interviews her father has granted in recent weeks, including an extensive, “tell-all” interview with The Sun where he lamented how he and Meghan have not spoken in about two months.

“It is so obvious that you have a bad drinking problem,” Osbourne said, directly addressing Thomas Markle.

“And it’s obvious that over the last few years, you haven’t been close with your daughter. Get yourself clean and sober and then come back.”

Talking about how Meghan Markle’s 74-year-old dad had been accused repeatedly of embarrassing her through his words and actions, Osbourne advised him to “be happy” for her and to allow her to live her new life as the Duchess of Sussex.

“She is so dignified – you should try to give a little bit of that dignity for her.”

Reacting to Sharon Osbourne’s allegations, Thomas Markle’s friends spoke to The Sun, admitting that the former Hollywood lighting director does have a few drinks on occasion, but limits himself to a glass of wine with his meals. The friends also brought up Markle’s recent health problems, including the recent heart surgery that reportedly forced him to miss Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry in May.

“He’s livid. Utterly furious. Sharon Osbourne doesn’t know him at all. How dare she say these things.”

Osbourne’s claims are the latest in a string of allegations made against Meghan Markle’s father in recent days, as they came shortly after an unnamed source accused him of using heart surgery as an excuse to miss the royal wedding and to earn sympathy after his supposedly “staged” paparazzi photos where he was shown preparing for the event “embarrassed” Meghan and the royal family. As noted on Wednesday by the Daily Mail, the publication went as far as to verify if a Thomas Markle had checked into a Tijuana hospital for the operation on May 16, only to find no record of anyone by that name.