Caylee Anthony Crime Scene Reportedly Listed For Sale As $40K ‘Wooded Paradise’

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A small tract of land where murdered toddler Caylee Anthony’s remains were found has been listed for sale for $40,000, according to Additionally, the listing describes the plot of land as a “wooded paradise.” The land with a morbid little piece of history is a half an acre in size, and it is located close to Hidden Oaks elementary school, the company adds.

The broker that is selling the land for the property owners told Radar that Caylee Anthony’s body was found on the land. He revealed that “she was right on the edge of the property. It’s triangular, and she was at the triangular point.”

The murder of Caylee was highly-publicized, and some visit the unofficial gravesite where her body was found in order to pay homage to the girl’s life that was snuffed out so tragically. Two of them are Sarasota residents, Walter Goodnough and his wife, Jeanine. The couple placed four crosses at the gravesite, and they claimed that they have since disappeared.

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Walter Goodnough speculated that Caylee’s grandparents, Cindy and George Anthony, may have removed the crosses. He also went on to say that when he last visited the site early this year that the property was overgrown and littered with fallen trees. During the visit, he also noticed that someone had thrown junk tires “within 100 feet of where Caylee was found.”

Although the land may be “breathtaking” and is “in a peaceful private setting,” as the listing claims, it’s probably going to be hard for a potential buyer to look past the fact that Caylee Anthony’s decomposed remains were found on the land, no matter how lovely and tranquil the scenery.

On the other hand, there are buyers that are known for snatching up properties that have an unsettling history associated with them. Just look at Zac Bagans, the Ghost Adventures host and self-ascribed leading researcher on demonology and ghosts, who bought an allegedly haunted house located in Gary, Indiana, in 2014. The infamous home, AKA the Demon House, is believed by some to be the portal to Hell and was allegedly inhabited by hundreds of demons before it was torn down at the Travel Channel star’s behest, according to the Huffington Post.

Bagans bought the Demon House for $35,000 in 2014, according to the website Local Records Office. Strangely enough, that sum is close to what the “wooded paradise” in the swampy area in Orlando, Florida, lists for, so he might see the potential in purchasing the spot to make a documentary such as the one he made describing his experiences with the Demon house. Zac Bagans probably wouldn’t balk at buying the Caylee Anthony murder site since he works in the realm of creepy things.

No one officially knows who is responsible for the horrific death of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. The trial of her mother, Casey Anthony, was obsessively covered by the media, and the young mother became a central figure in the case. Prosecutors alleged that Casey killed the little girl, while the defense claimed that the child died accidentally by drowning in the family pool.

In the end, the jury acquitted Casey Anthony of the most serious charges against her.