‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Reunion? Jane Kaczmarek To Appear On ‘Breaking Bad’

There’s going to be a Malcolm In the Middle reunion on Breaking Bad. Jane Kaczmarek, who played Lois on the comedy, will be appearing in a few episodes alongside her former co-star, Bryan Cranston, during the next season of the hit AMC show.

Kaczmarek confirmed the news on Twitter, writing:

“Yes, it’s true… I will indeed be on Breaking Bad. Can’t wait for you all to see it.”

Kaczmarek’s appearance on Breaking Bad gives a little more proof that the hit AMC show is really a continuation of Malcolm in the Middle.

TV conspiracy theorists will tell you that the last episode of Malcolm In The Middle leads perfectly into the first episode of Breaking Bad. At the end of Malcolm in the Middle, Bryan Cranston’s character finds out that he’s not going to have enough money to provide for his children’s education. Hal promises that he’ll “do something” to find the money.

That something just happens to be cooking meth.

Also, the first time you meet Walter White he’s wearing whitey tighties. Cranston was frequently shown in just his underwear during his Malcolm In The Middle days.

Are you excited for the Malcolm In The Middle reunion? Do you think Breaking Bad is a continuation of Malcolm In The Middle? Will Frankie Muniz make an appearances as one of Jesse Pinkman’s bitches?

Dean Norris, who plays Hank on the show, tweeted a picture of Kaczmarek from the set of Breaking Bad.

It’s not clear who Jane will play on the AMC show but according to IMDB she will appear on at least two episodes.