Lakewood Police Shooting Manhunt Continues, Shooter May Be Injured

The manhunt following the tragic Lakewood Police shooting on the outskirts of Seattle continues with police saying that the shooter may be injured.

Four officers, three men and a woman, were shot dead in the Forza Coffee Company store in Parkwood Sunday morning in what police are saying was an execution style shooting and not a robbery gone bad.

A new lead in the case came as police talked to witnesses and examined evidence, both of which point to one officer discharging several rounds before being killed. “There is evidence that a Lakewood Police officer fired off some shots, and we hope that he hit him,” a police spokesman said. “If he’s hit, that means that he’s injured somewhere with a gunshot wound.”

Police have issued an alert to local hospitals and medical centers. They also warn that the gunman may have traveled outside of the Seattle metro area to seek treatment in an attempt to stay off the radar.

The suspect is described as being African American, “scruffy,” between 5′7″ and 5′11″ and between the age of 20 and 30.