‘Love Island’s’ Paul Knops Was The Shirtless Guy That Kissed Britney Spears In Her ‘Make Me’ Music Video


Love Island’s Paul Knops has actually had a pretty significant role in a music video before. It was in none other than Britney Spears’ “Make Me” featuring G-Eazy from 2016. The music video is all about Britney auditioning good-looking guys for her new project. Out of all the dudes, though, Britney liked Knops the best because she ends up making out with him in the video. Toward the end of the song, Knops leads Spears out of the audition room. Then, the girls who were with Spears helping her with the audition sheepishly watch a CCTV stream of the two getting steamy in a private room.

Paul just arrived at Love Island on Sunday night and was one of the newbies that went on a date with Georgia Steel who broke up with Sam Bird so that they wouldn’t be eliminated. But even more so than Georgia, fans are hoping Paul takes a liking to Laura since the two are closer in age and could get along pretty well. In fact, Laura was complaining about how she’s the oldest at the villa at 29-years-old. Well lucky for her, Paul is 31-years-old.

Although Paul was an actor in a music video before, he says his current occupation is as a carpenter and model, according to Metro.

Paul also says that he’s a grounded, approachable kind of person. He’s ready for a real relationship, so long as he meets the right person. Paul’s already said that he’s physically attracted to Kaz the most out of all the other girls, but that he’s also interested in Alexandra’s “aura.”

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Alexandra also appears to be interested in Paul. But Laura’s also trying to get Paul’s attention, especially after Dani Dyer points out that the two could be a good match, reported The Sun. Laura even said that “I feel like there is so much to talk about with Paul. I could sit there all day and chat to him. He is really interesting, he is a lot more like me than Jack was.”

But as that’s going on, Alexandra wants some of the attention too and tells him how she feels. That conversation seems to go pretty well since Paul told her that “typically my type is dark, Mediterranean, someone who is exotic and curvy. If you look at the girls I’ve previously dated, that is it.” He also goes on to compliment her “calm aura” and even tells her that “I would love to kiss you.”