Princess Charlotte Looks Strikingly Like Diana, Royal Fans Say

Dominic LipinskiAP Images

After Princess Charlotte had her portrait done after Prince Louis’ christening, royal fans have noticed something very special. When comparing Charlotte’s photo with a portrait of Diana when they were around the same age, fans say the resemblance is uncanny, reported the Daily Mail.

It all started when Instagram user loveprincessdiana shared a photo of Charlotte’s portrait alongside Diana’s passport photo from when the girls were around the same age.

In particular, people can’t get over how they have similar mouths and even eyes. One Instagram user pointed out though, that “Diana has very soft innocent eyes. Unlike Charlotte that has quite determined ambitious eyes.” Others said that Charlotte’s eyes actually look like the Queen’s instead.

However, the claim that Charlotte’s mouth looks like Diana’s is less argued about, with most people agreeing that the two look very similar. Someone also pointed out that the way they smile is even the same.

One person even said that “I have been saying this for a while now – Charlotte is going to look a lot more like Diana than anyone thinks.”

In the past, the spunky Charlotte has been compared to her great-great-grandmother the Queen Mother, and her mother. Others thought she also looked like TV presenter Kirstie Allsop.

The young Princess Charlotte certainly does look confident and ambitious. And it turns out that the Queen has also taken note, telling someone that Charlotte is the one that keeps an eye on her brother George instead of the other way around, detailed Hello Magazine.

And from the beautiful royal family portrait from Prince Louis’ christening, it certainly looks like Charlotte will also be carefully looking after her younger brother too. In the photo, she can be seen holding onto her brother’s hand while sweetly smiling at him, reported Harper’s Bazaar.

Charlotte tends to steal the spotlight wherever she goes. Even at Louis’ christening, her cheeky remark to reporters that “You’re not coming” to the royal’s private reception made headlines. And some may remember that during Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, she was busy making silly faces in the car and showcased her royal wave.

And let’s not forget that Meghan Markle has been compared to Princess Diana from time to time. When Meghan was at Wimbledon with Kate Middleton, royal fans thought they looked like Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson at the same event years ago, said Express. In both instances, the women were photographed enjoying themselves and sharing fun private conversations.