Britney Spears’ Boyfriend, Sam Asghari, Shares Secrets To Amazing 100-Pound Weight Loss

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It’s hard to believe that Britney Spears’ toned and tanned boyfriend, Sam Asghari, used to be overweight.

In a recent interview with Men’s Health, the now fitness enthusiast confessed that he used to depressed as well as significantly overweight. Asghari stopped exercising after he got cut from his college football team but didn’t change his eating habits and continued to consume meals like a linebacker would, causing him to gain a ton of weight.

“I was eating Doritos for breakfast, fast food, sugar, candy, no protein, a lot of carbs, and drinking sugary sodas. My nutrition was extremely horrible. The stress and the fear of not going anywhere [in life] combined gave me my depression.”

But after six months of no exercise and making poor eating choices, Asghari decided that he needed to make healthier choices and get back on track in 2013.

“I could either continue going through the same thing or I could give it another 100 percent,” the 24-year-old said. “I didn’t want to have to deal with that depression and disappointment anymore. I had to restart.”

Thus began Asghari’s career in fitness, where he worked three jobs, including one at Gold’s Gym and another as a personal trainer. He soon became obsessed with his new lifestyle, eating lean proteins, vegetables, and complex carbs and putting in at least two hours at the gym every day. At one point, he even measured his body fat on a daily basis and limited his daily calorie intake to just 1,500 a day. Eventually, he was able to balance things out and not go too crazy and the results were impressive to say the least. He was able to lose almost 100 pounds while also dropping his body fat percentage to nine.

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And since he and Spears began dating, they have posted a ton of videos of themselves working out together on their respective Instagram pages. Asghari says that he is the one who comes up with the workouts to do in the videos and Spears serves as the creative director. The fitness buff also confessed that he loves to listen to Britney’s song “Stronger” when he does a workout and that it’s “therapy” for him.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier this week, Spears and Asghari first met in October of 2016 after he received a call from his agent, asking him to make an appearance in Spear’s music video for her hit song “Slumber Party.” Sam even says that he made a joke to break the ice during his first meeting with Spears.

“She said, ‘Hi, I’m Britney,’ and I said, ‘I’m sorry. What’s your name again?’ I tried to be funny. I don’t think anybody got it.”

After that, the couple exchanged numbers and the rest is history.