Natalie Negrotti Talks Sexuality: ‘Big Brother,’ ‘Challenge’ Star Hopes To Help Youth Facing Similar Struggles

Natalie NegrottiInstagram

Natalie Negrotti is currently appearing on MTV’s Challenge series, but she initially hit television screens a couple of summers back when she appeared on the CBS show Big Brother. Viewers watched this week as an argument with another Challenge contestant led to a big revelation about her personal life that she hadn’t intended to make public, but now she’s opening up about the situation in hopes of helping young fans facing similar challenges.

As Us Weekly details, Natalie Negrotti is currently dating a woman and considers herself to be pansexual, and this came up during Tuesday’s episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning. In addition, Natalie says that fellow contestant Kaleigh Morris took to social media to essentially out Negrotti before she had a chance to talk to her loved ones about it.

Negrotti says that the way that Morris outed her seemed hurtful, aggressive, homophobic, and malicious. Natalie adds that after Kaleigh called her a lesbian on social media, others started attacking her as well.

The Challenge and Big Brother star says that she hadn’t been ready to come out and hadn’t been planning on addressing it on the show. After Kaleigh attacked her, Negrotti contacted all of her loved ones to talk to them about her sexuality. However, it definitely wasn’t the timing she intended.

Those who have followed Negrotti for a while know that she entered into a romance with fellow Season 18 Big Brother star James Huling for a while and the split between the two got fairly ugly. She also flirted with Challenge icon Johnny Bananas and dated him casually for a while, but she’s now dating a woman and seems very happy in the relationship.

Natalie says that acknowledging her sexuality has been a 28-year battle for her. Negrotti says she’s talking about it now in hopes to help others who are dealing with the same struggles. She adds that she wants to use her public platform to educate people and she wants to see people spread love and education rather than hate.

On Instagram, the Challenge and Big Brother star said that once she accepted herself, she was able to stop trying to fit into a world where she never felt she quite fit. She’s blossoming now that she’s embraced her sexuality and it sounds as if Natalie is in a great place now.

Fans and co-stars are stepping up to support Natalie Negrotti as she opens up about her sexuality and at this point, it seems she’s getting more love than hate over it all on social media. Natalie is currently paired with fellow Big Brother star Paulie Calafiore on The Challenge: Final Reckoning and there’s little doubt that these two will be a fierce team as the season plays out.