Meghan Markle Having A ‘Difficult’ Time Understanding Royal Rules, Reports ‘People’

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Since officially becoming a member of Great Britain’s royal family two months ago, Meghan Markle has been the prime example of someone fully out of her element expertly navigating the skills necessary to be a member of one of the most prestigious families on Earth. Whether on a professional outing with her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, or attending a christening deeply steeped in royal religious traditions, the new Duchess has proven her ability to be truly royal in quite a short time.

However, these adaptations to her new lifestyle reportedly have come with a few difficulties, as People reports that she “has found certain rules in the royal household difficult to understand, like the fact that the Queen prefers women in dresses or skirts rather than trouser suits, and is often asking Harry why things have to be done in a certain way.”

The source for People went on to add that “I think she finds it a little frustrating at times, but this is her new life, and she has to deal with it.”

Being a member of an entirely different world now does, of course, bring on some significant adaptations, some of which Meghan allegedly is not fully grasping as of now. For example, Meghan had reportedly shown her support for Ireland’s recent legalization of abortion, which was subsequently shared by Senator Catherine Noone, who tweeted that Meghan had said she was “pleased to see the result” of Ireland’s recent referendum to legalize abortion.

This behavior goes against traditional royal norms in which members of the family are to steer clear of discussing anything political in a public context, as to not allow their viewpoints to be shared with the world.

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“That’s an example of her naïveté,” says Crown historical consultant and royal biographer Robert Lacey.

“Within the royal family they talk freely, and everyone knows the rules. She’s learning the hard way that you can’t trust anyone outside the narrow circle.”

Luckily, Meghan has had a significant amount of individuals helping her navigate these unfamiliar rules. Between her husband, Prince Harry, Samantha Cohen (the Queen’s former assistant), and other members of the royal family, she is being given all she needs to fully acclimate as soon as possible.

Photographer Mark Stewart also told People that “You can see Prince Harry’s hands-on approach, steering her, helping her.”

Harry has held a significant role, aside from his husbandly duties, in guiding Markle through the events of the past two months. If her enormous growth and acceptance of a vast majority of the royal etiquette in two months are indicative of anything, it is that she should be fully acclimated in no time.