‘Bachelorette’ Stars Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abasolo Are Ready For Wedding, Waiting To See If ABC Wants To Film

Lisa LakeGetty Images for SugarHouse Casino

Rachel Lindsay and Dr. Bryan Abasolo got engaged last year during her run as The Bachelorette and the two are still together and doing great. While there are several couples from the three franchise shows who are engaged and working toward a wedding date, it sounds as if Rachel and Bryan are getting antsy and are ready to set a date. What’s the latest from these lovebirds?

As was shared recently via the Inquisitr, Rachel Lindsay met with a designer not long ago and she’s talked about wanting a winter wedding. Now, she and fiancé Bryan Abasolo talked with People and said they’re quite anxious to get plans in place.

“We want to get married as soon as possible. We are just waiting on… certain things.”

If Bachelorette fans interpret that as code hinting that the two are waiting to see if ABC wants to televise this wedding, it seems they would be entirely correct. Abasolo says that they are currently waiting to hear from the show to see what they want to do. However, he acknowledges that there are quite a few other engaged pairs from the franchise who have been together longer, and thus might be a higher priority of sorts.

Rachel noted that it’s not as if she and Bryan have to wait to set a date, as she says that they aren’t dead set on having it televised. However, the Bachelorette stars do feel something of a responsibility to their fans to include them in the big day by having it on television, so it sounds as if they are open to it if ABC is.

Of course, having the network foot the bill isn’t exactly a drawback. Lindsay says that she never anticipated having a big wedding, but if her family isn’t paying the bills, she figures she’ll go for it. However, she does want both of their cultures represented on their big day, and it sounds as if that’s going to be a requirement.

“I want to have all of both of our families and I want both of our cultures celebrated. I’m mixed race and he’s Columbian, and I want all of our cultures to be celebrated.”

While Lindsay has talked in the past of wanting a winter wedding, she told ET Online that it’s looking more like she’ll marry Abasolo next spring. The Bachelorette star said that with winter right around the corner and no plans in place, spring seems more realistic. However, Rachel and Bryan don’t want to wait beyond that as they’re anxious to start a family perhaps next year.

If ABC does decide to televise the wedding, the Bachelorette stars will probably tie the knot in Texas or California, Rachel says. If they do it on their own, they may do a smaller destination wedding someplace like Colombia, where Bryan’s family is from.

While she’d love to wear a sexy pantsuit, Rachel notes that both her mom as well as Bryan’s really want to see her in a dress, so she’s getting into “dress mode.” She seems to be moving ahead with designer Randi Rahm, who has done some gorgeous dresses for previous Bachelorette seasons, and Lindsay admitted that there’s something of a pant and dress combination compromise in the works.

There are several other “Bachelor Nation” couples who are currently engaged and happy, but others like Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth, along with JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, don’t seem in a hurry to get married. Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham say they’re getting married privately in Hawaii over the winter, but it does sound as if Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo could be the next ones to go big with a televised wedding.

Will the Bachelorette stars tie the knot on television? Fans would love to see it happen and it sounds as if they’ll get to hear details one way or another fairly soon.