July 18, 2018
Tour Buses At 'Full House' Abode Cause San Francisco Traffic Nightmare

No one questions that the shows Full House and now Fuller House are popular, but perhaps they are a bit too popular for the city of San Francisco. Now the city has voted to block the tour buses that bring fans making the pilgrimage to visit the house front on Broderick Street near Alamo Square Park where the opening sequences were filmed.

PageSix reports that the San Francisco MTA has now banned certain commercial vehicles from Broderick Street, which draws fans who want to take their photos on the Tanners' doorstep. City spokesman Paul Rose said the congestion outside the Victorian Painted Lady brought in regular complaints from residents saying that tour buses were causing traffic hazards.

"The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency voted Tuesday to ban commercial vehicles from Broderick Street after neighbors complained. Vehicles that seat nine or more people will no longer be allowed on the block."
The exterior of a home on Broderick Street was used for the original show on ABC in the '90s and for the current Netflix reboot. The actual Broderick Street home front has an additional tie to the Full House franchise as the producer, Jeff Franklin, bought the home in 2016 for over $4 million.The San Francisco Examiner says that Broderick Street neighbors are hoping that the new ban on tour buses will alleviate some of the congestion caused by the Full House faithful who come to take photos. Carla Hashagen, who lives on Broderick Street, shared a time-lapse video of the traffic on her street at the SFMTA board meeting where they stated their case for needing help managing the packs of fans visiting 1709 Broderick. She says they come by Uber, Lyft, tour bus, and private vehicles to sit on the stairs and have their photos taken.
"It's a lot for one block. We've contacted MTA many many times asking for increased enforcement. To date, we've received almost nothing."
SFMTA Board of Directors Chair Cheryl Brinkman says that in addition to the tour bus ban, they are considering new speed bumps to curb the bad behavior.
"That's shocking, what's going on on that street. I can't imagine how annoying it's been."
Neighbors say that the traffic vastly increased when the show Fuller House, the reboot of the original show made its debut on Netflix. The San Francisco MTA is hoping that this new ban will do the trick and at least curb the congestion and double parking on Broderick Street.