Azealia Banks Says She Wants Wendy Williams To ‘Drop Dead’ While On Air

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Wendy Williams definitely doesn’t have a fan in rapper Azealia Banks, and she’s making that fact pretty clear. Capital Xtra reports that Azealia recently went on a tirade against the talk show host on social media, even claiming that she wanted Wendy to “drop dead” on air.

The vicious comments were written on Banks’ Instagram Stories account after Williams discussed her on her daytime talk show.

The site reports that the latest drama between the two first began when Wendy commented on Azealia’s claims that she was both mocked and harassed while appearing on the series Wild ‘n Out by suggesting that she had an issue with anger.

“She seems to be smart, but angry. And her anger seems to be the problem,” Wendy said on her series. “A lot of times people would rather work with second best who’s not so angry than first best.”

Williams then continued, “I’m not familiar with her music. I’m just familiar with her anger.”

But it seems as though Banks wasn’t taking Williams’ comments lying down.

Having seemingly heard Wendy’s comments, the rapper viciously clapped back this week by writing on Instagram Stories, “OMG can Wendy Williams have another stroke on TV and finally drop dead?”

Azealia then continued with her vicious response on social media, “I would love to see her die on air.”

She appeared to be referring to an incident Wendy had last year when she fainted on live TV while filming her live daytime talk show.

As Inquisitr reported at the time, Williams fell to the floor during her Halloween show after becoming overheated in her Statue of Liberty costume.

Earlier this year, People reported that Williams then opened up about suffering from Graves Disease during an interview with Good Morning America in March. Her health update came after she took a few weeks away from her show to focus on her health on doctor’s orders.

Azealia Banks wants to see Wendy Williams 'drop dead' on live TV
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Wendy is yet to publicly respond to Azealia’s pretty nasty remarks, though notably, the twosome has had beef for a while now.

BET reported that, last year, Banks accused Williams of bullying her after she suggested that the rapper may have turned to prostitution to raise funds to get intimate rejuvenation surgery, something she has vehemently denied.

“Wendy Williams accuses Azealia Banks of prostitution,” Banks wrote on social media back in December. “This is a whole new low. I’m legitimately in tears. This hurt the type of s**t that becomes acceptable to say to Azealia Banks is nuts.”

Vibe reported in late 2017 that Banks then claimed online that she was going to sue Wendy in 2018 for her comments about her.

According to the site, Azealia wrote on social media that she was “TOUGH AS STEEL… Wendy is getting sued top of 2018.”