Iggy Azalea Won’t Date Vegans, Says She Loves Sausage

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Earlier this week, rapper and entertainer Iggy Azalea went to Twitter with comments about her eating habits. She apparently revealed vague tidbits about a crush she currently has but remarked that crush doesn’t exactly fit into her eating lifestyle, suggesting that therefore such a coupling would never work. WKU Herald reported on the celebrities announcement on Monday, following the revelation.

The 28-year-old star’s conundrum was first announced at 9:14 p.m. when she posted from her Twitter account that she was snacking on tater tots and hot dogs for dinner. Fans tried to come to the hip-hop artist’s rescue with consoling replies, letting her know that they also sometimes had hot dogs for dinner. The performer showed her appreciation to the fans by tweeting, “I seriously need to get it together. At least I have solace in the fact that I am not alone,” as a show of appreciation, writes Live Kindly. Soon after, Azalea came clean about just how important her love of hot dogs truly is.


Though some people are not adverse to dating anyone outside their diet preference, it would seem Iggy Azalea has drawn the line. She just can’t give up her late-night, hot dog eating guilty pleasure.

Likewise, plenty of people who give up meat eating for vegetarian or vegan lifestyles struggle to give up some of their favorite dishes and snacks, many of which are hot dogs and sausages.

Fortunately, there are companies out there aiming to make the transition easier for those who are so inclined. Tofurky meatless vegan Beer Brats are available to those brats lovers out there. The brand also has kielbasa, Italian sausage, spinach, and pesto flavored Tofurky dogs and andouille. If those are not working out for some, there are plenty of other brands out there dishing up hot dog and sausage substitutes that claim to taste close to the real deal. Lightlife has veggie hot dogs and so does Yves, to name a few. As to if Iggy has ever considered or will ever such options, fans are left to wonder for now.

In other Iggy Azalea dating news, questions of her relationship with Tyga have been stirring around news outlets and her fan base. In a news report here at the Inquisitr earlier this week, the two were spotted together at Coachella Music Festival. It was revealed that Iggy responded to those rumors, declining her romantic interest or involvement with Tyga and stating that the two have been friends for nearly a decade now.