New Pictures With The Queen And Donald Trump Contain Something That Shouldn’t Be There

Chris JacksonAP Images

When formal images of Queen Elizabeth are being arranged, every minute detail is analyzed and critiqued prior to the photo being taken. While there are plenty of images snapped of the queen at functions that do not come under close scrutiny before being taken, when an official or formal photo is taken inside the queen’s residence, there is usually a lot of thought and planning involved.

However, a recent photo shoot inside Windsor Castle with Donald and Melania Trump reveals something that seems to have slipped past the radar of those in charge of making sure the background of the castle is immaculate.

The photo, taken on Friday, July 13, shows Melania Trump standing next to the queen. Donald Trump, in turn, is standing on the other side of the queen. Dressed in a cream suit with a black belt, Melania looks immaculate. The queen, in a sky blue coat, dress, and hat by Angela Kelly, which is the same outfit she wore for the State Opening of Parliament according to the Daily Mail, clutches her gloves with her handbag over one arm. Donald Trump, the jolliest of the trio, is wearing a navy blue suit and red tie.

Around them in the Grand Corridor of Windsor Castle, the view is busy with expensive antiques and heirlooms. Paintings adorn the walls and there is not a cobweb or dust bunny in sight.

Someone forgot to remove the dog bowl from the picture with the Queen, Melania, and Donald Trump
Queen Elizabeth II stands with U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, in the Grand Corridor during their visit to Windsor Castle in Berkshire.Featured image credit: Steve Parsons/PA WireAP Images

However, someone forgot one small detail.

Down in the very front of the image, next to Donald Trump, is a dog bowl.

According to the Daily Mail, the dog bowl is likely for the queen’s two dorgis (Dachshund-corgi crosses), Vulcan and Candy. And, as the Daily Star points out, it was a mistake that was not replicated one day later when King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium met with the queen and had their photo taken in the same location.

When the Queen posed with Melania and Donald Trump, someone forgot to remove the dog bowl before the photo was taken, but it was removed a day later for King Philippe and Queen Mathilde
Featured image credit: zz/KGC-375/STAR MAX/IPxAP Images

However, a very small corner of what appears to be the placemat the bowl was sitting on can be seen tucked away next to the marble pillar, indicating that the bowl has merely been pushed out of sight and not removed completely before the photo was taken.

As Yahoo! News points out, this was not the first error to occur during Melania and Donald Trump’s visit with the queen.

Many royal followers have deemed Trump as “rude” after Donald Trump’s meeting with the queen. Yahoo! News states that Trump reportedly left the queen waiting for up to 10 minutes as he “sat in his helicopter for an unknown reason.” Upon meeting the queen, Trump then proceeded to shake her hand rather than bowing and then turned his back to her momentarily.