Justin Bieber Takes Fiance Hailey Baldwin To Visit His ‘Second Home’ With Trip To Atlanta

gotpap / STAR MAX / IPXAP Images

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin don’t seem to stay in one place for too long these days. After spending a few weeks romancing in New York City, the couple took off for the Bahamas and got engaged. The two returned to NYC following their tropical island getaway only to jet off to Miami a few days later. Their trip to “the sunshine state” didn’t last long as the couple was recently spotted in Atlanta, which according to a recent report by Hollywood Life holds special meaning for Bieber as he considers the city his “second home.”

Bieber, 24, and Baldwin, 21, got engaged after dating for only a month, and while some might argue that one month is hardly enough time to really get to know someone, the two have been friends for almost 10 years. However, it would appear that the “Sorry” singer is leaving nothing to chance and is now on a journey to not only get to know his bride-to-be inside and out, but to make sure she gets to know him the same way as well.

The lovebirds spent the weekend in Miami and then were quickly off to Atlanta. While the city itself might not scream romantic to some fans, the “Love Yourself” singer’s reason for taking his model fiance there might. According to an insider, taking Baldwin to Atlanta is Bieber’s way of sharing his “personal history” with her.

“Justin wants to share everything with Hailey. He had so much fun in New York with her seeing all his favorite places and spending time with all the important people in her life. He wants to know everything about her and he wants her to know everything about him, that’s why he took her to Atlanta. He wanted to share a piece of his personal history with her.”

Before the Canadian-born crooner made it big, he was just a boy with a big dream of wanting to be a singer. He uploaded videos of him singing on YouTube, which caught the attention of famed singer Usher. Bieber was then flown to Atlanta where he lived for quite some time, and under renowned vocal coach, Jan Smith, his voice became what it is today.

“He moved to Atlanta when he was barely a teenager,” the insider said. “He made some of his best memories there and he still has a lot of friends that live in the area. He’ll always consider it like a second home and since he’s the ultimate romantic, he wanted to bring Hailey there to share it with her and to show her off,” the insider added.

Bieber definitely showed Baldwin off as he introduced her to his former vocal mentor. Smith then took to Instagram herself to praise the young couple.

There’s no telling how long the couple plans to remain in Atlanta or where they’ll jet off to next, but fans can probably assume that Bieber is far from being done of sharing “his whole world” to Baldwin.

“He’s so proud of his fiancee, he wants everyone he cares about to meet her. He’s opening up his life and his whole world to her. He’s just so in love.”