Lush Cosmetics Teases Possible Ariana Grande Bath Bomb

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Ariana Grande is set to release her fourth studio album Sweetener on August 17, 2018, and the international pop star has been hard at work promoting and getting fans excited for her new music. Just last week, Grande gave fans a surprise taste of the album when she dropped her latest single “God Is a Woman,” before quickly following up with the matching music video.

The music video shows Grande paying homage to several well-known sculptures and paintings, including what seems to be an interpretation of the work of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Grande can be seen completely nude while soaking in a milky colorful primordial fluid. According to Fader, Lush Cosmetics, maker of popular bath products including bath bombs, decided to do what they do best and quickly started to prototype a bath bomb to replicate the colorful milky fluid.

On July 17, Lush’s product inventor Jack Constantine took to Instagram to post a teaser of the prototype of a similar, previously unseen bath bomb citing Ariana’s music video as the inspiration. After the work-in-progress bath bomb dissolves, it should hit all the same shades of pink, lilac, blue, and gray as seen in the video and will go into its second phase of prototyping tomorrow.

“I had a fun day working on a prototype for Ariana Grande of a ‘God is a woman’ bath bomb in the Lush labs today,” wrote Constantine about the process.

Reports from Teen Vogue state that a Lush representative claims the creation all blossomed from a fan’s tweet. The fan tweeted that if the company ever made a bath bomb inspired by that particular scene of Grande’s video, they would definitely buy it.

“@lushcosmetics make a bath bomb that looks like this & call it god is a woman so i can bathe feeling like a goddess,” the fan tweeted.


The tweet even caught the attention of Ariana herself, who responded to the thread saying, “omg @lushcosmetics i’ll do anything.”

Screenshots of the entire exchange was then sent via direct message to the account of Lush Cosmetics and it looks like the company’s higher-ups took the idea and ran with it.

And it looks like Ariana’s fans aren’t the only ones gushing over her new music video, as the Inquisitr previously reported. Ariana’s fiance Pete Davidson also has some sweet words about his lady’s new single.

“GIAW at midnight..this is one of my favorite songs on the album it’s bonkers,” Davidson posted on his social media.