Sarah Palin Reportedly Paid $15.85 Per Word At Fox News

Sarah Palin reportedly made more than $15 for every word she said on Fox.

Palin, who recently parted ways with the Fox Channel, reportedly made about $3 million during her three years on Fox. A new painstaking study from Smart Politics claims that the former Governor only appeared on the channel 150 times and only said 189,000 words.

That’s about $20,000 per appearance. Or about $15.85 per word.

Here are some other stats from Palin’s tenure at Fox News.

  • She appeared in the network once every 7.2 days on average.
  • Most of her appearances were either on Sean Hannity or Gretta Van Susteren’s programs. (110 in total.)
  • She said 72,986 words on Hannity and 67,987 words on On The Record.(Palin said 75% of her words on these programs.)

Ok, so Fox News paid $3 million for 189,221 words that were primarily spoken on just two of the network’s shows. Some may also suggest that Fox got ripped off because Palin hardly ever uttered her famous catch phrase: You Betcha.

Here’s a breakdown of what Palin said, how much she said it, and how much she made for saying it.

  • The word “Obama” was said 786 times and made Palin $12450
  • The word “Amen” was said 111 times and made Palin $1758.
  • “God” was said 57 times to give Palin an extra $902.
  • And “Heck” was said 28 times for $443.

Sarah Palin and Fox News decided to part ways earlier this week. Some said that the network decided not to renew Palin’s contract because her star has diminished in recent years. Others pointed to a controversy surrounding the Republican National Convention. But judging by this new tedious study by Smart Politics, it’s pretty clear that Fox wasn’t getting their money worth from Palin.