Man Charged With 17th DUI After Early Morning Beer Run

A man was charged with his 17th DUI after he showed up early in the morning to buy a case of beer and appeared to the cashier to be too drunk to handle himself.

Maurice Lerrivee went to the store at 8:45 am to buy 24 beers, but the cashier saw how drunk he appeared and tried to get the 69-year-old man to stay there rather than go back into his car. A few other fellow employees joined the effort to keep Lerrivee from driving, noted.

Unfortunately, they were not successful. As he left, they called police in Sherbrooke, Quebec to try to keep him off the road. As a result, the man was charged with his 17th DUI.

Until he was charged with his 17th DUI, Lerrivee had actually kept himself on the straight and narrow for a while. His last DUI charge came in 2005 when he lost his license for five years.

Lerrivee joins another high-profile DUI case in the news. Country singer Randy Travis was formally charged this month with drunk driving after being arrested last year in Texas. Though Travis’ drunk driving exploits may not be as prolific as Lerrivee and his 17 arrests, the singer nonetheless blew a 0.15, twice the legal driving limit in Texas. He faces up to two years in jail and a $4,000 fine.

Of course, if the man arrested for his 17th DUI is looking for some kind of record, he’d better start really moving. A man named Henry Earl racked up his 1,000th arrest in 2008, many of them for drunk-related offenses, WBKO noted.