Woods Hires Mark NeJame, Refuses To Speak To Police

The Tiger Woods soap opera continues with news that Woods has hired high profile Florida attorney Mark NeJame to represent him, and is so far refusing to speak to police about his car accident.

Mark NeJame, dubbed by local media as "Orlando's Own Johnnie Cochran" has represented a range of stars previously, including Shaquille O'Neal. He also represented the family of murder victim Caylee Anthony, and has represented a Florida State Representative charged with drink driving.

That Woods would hire a high profile attorney like Mark NeJame isn't completely surprising, but what is strange is his reluctance to talk to police. Three meetings between Woods and police have been scheduled, with NaJame canceling the third meeting. No new meeting has been scheduled at the time of writing.

Woods may have put out a statement taking full blame for the accident, but three days later why is he reluctant to talk to police? Something to hide perhaps? after all, if nothing was untowards, surely he would have made a statement by now.