Tia Booth Faces Intense Backlash After Episode 8 Of ‘The Bachelorette,’ Becca Kufrin Comes To Her Defense

Craig SjodinABC

Tia Booth made another appearance on Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season during Episode 8 as it aired Monday night. Tia admitted that she hasn’t been able to completely let go of her feelings for suitor Colton Underwood and Booth felt that she needed to let Kufrin know how she felt. Shortly after that, Becca eliminated Colton and said that her decision wasn’t impacted by what her friend revealed, but a lot of viewers are lashing out at Tia anyway.

On Tuesday, Tia Booth shared a note via her Instagram Stories that gave followers a sense of the venom she’s receiving from angry Bachelorette fans. She said that the note was a good example of why she’s shut off comments and story replies on her account, and the sender had some pretty vulgar things to say in tearing her apart for supposedly ruining Becca Kufrin and Colton Underwood’s relationship.

Luckily, others connected to the franchise spoke up in defense of Tia, including Becca. Kufrin posted a note on her Instagram Stories pleading with Bachelorette fans to back off and start being kind. Becca may have seemed blindsided and frustrated by Booth’s admission during filming, but she makes it clear that some people have taken things too far.

Kufrin asked that people who are bashing Booth step back and reflect on how they’d feel if someone they loved was attacked in the same manner. The Bachelorette star noted that both she and Booth went on reality television for a chance at finding love, but they didn’t sign up to be harshly judged. Becca said that Tia is spunky, caring, kind, upfront, funny, and strong, and added that she has a huge heart.

Becca also said that she is still friends with Tia and that it’s a friendship she holds dear. Kufrin pointed out that if she is able to let go and move on from the difficult conversation they shared regarding Colton during filming of her Bachelorette season, others surely should be able to let go and move on as well.

There’s a lot of rough stuff on Twitter regarding Tia’s appearance on Monday’s Bachelorette, even from some within the franchise like Caila Quinn and Nick Peterson. However, veterans like Ashley Spivey and Olivia Caridi have stuck up for Booth. Both Tia and Colton end up on Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and Reality Steve has already shared some spoilers regarding whether or not they picked up where things had ended prior to his leaving to film The Bachelorette.

Given all of that, it seems likely that Tia Booth will continue to face some rough times across social media for a while, even with Becca Kufrin asking people to chill out. As for Colton Underwood, he did retweet a post from the Bachelorette star Monday night encouraging everybody to spread some love and stop tearing one another apart. Spoilers hint that there is still more to come in this dynamic between Booth and Underwood, while next up for Kufrin are her fantasy suite overnight dates in Episode 9.