Casey Anthony’s Parents Reportedly ‘Desecrated’ Their Murdered Granddaughter’s Grave

Joe BurbankPool/Getty Images

It’s been more than 10 years since Caylee Anthony was murdered and her body was stuffed in a black garbage bag — and her mother, Casey Anthony, was subsequently disgraced by both the public and the courts that tried her, but ultimately found her not guilty of her daughter’s murder.

Despite the time passed, there are several people who make regular pilgrimages to Caylee Anthony’s gravesite to pay their respects to the murdered little girl.

Now, according to a new report by Radar Online, Casey Anthony’s parents — Cindy and George Anthony — have desecrated their granddaughter’s burial site.

The outlet spoke to Walter and Jeanine Goodnough, who have allegedly taken a “keen interest” in Caylee Anthony’s gravesite, and have consistently left flowers and crosses.

However, recently, the couple claimed that Casey Anthony’s parents “desecrated” the child’s gravesite by ripping down the crosses they’d left behind for the little girl.


The first time, the couple drove more than two hours from their home in Sarasota, FL, to the Anthonys’ home in Orlando to pay their respects.


Walter said that he built the cross himself, and spent $500 of his own money to do so. The cross stood six feet high by four feet wide.

However, earlier this year, when Casey Anthony’s parents spoke for an A&E special, they were filmed “tearing down the cross,” a move which Walter said was “disappointing” because “even the grandparents don’t put anything over there.”

Walter said that both Casey Anthony and her parents tore down the cross because “nobody needed to go over there,” with “there” referring to Caylee’s gravesite.

But Walter said that this wasn’t the first time that the Anthonys “desecrated” Caylee’s gravesite. He said that the site, which collected a series of toys and flowers from the time he left the cross, originally got a cross when Caylee was first murdered, and that he put the cross up there. However, after a year of his original cross being up, the Anthonys tore it down.

Walter said that he then made another one and transported it from Sarasota to Orlando.

Later, Walter said that a rock had been placed near the cross, and it suggested that Caylee’s mother “threw her away” at this spot.

Despite the number of times that Casey Anthony and her parents have “desecrated” the gravesites, Walter and Jeanine — who are grandparents to 13 grandchildren, in total — made a vow that they would continue to place new gravemarkers and crosses for the murdered little girl.