Whoopi. . . Not the Biggest Fan of Denise

Talkshow The View has turned out to be a secret hotbed of cattiness– whoever called this show “light” is seriously mistaken. As we say again today– with the fury only reminiscent of last year’s political issues. At least it wasn’t host-on-host this time.

Denise Richards was the guest today on The View, where she managed to totally infuriate Whoopi Goldberg in short time. She may have been on to talk about “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated” and her post-Charlie life, but Whoopi touched on another sensitive subject: her children and the fact that they’re “exposed” on a reality TV show. Denise maintained that she’s a “work at home” mom and can make a living while still being with her children, but Whoopi had other ideas about her new venture:

But [your kids are] there. These are little kids. If you want to keep them private, to keep your life private, do you not think this is a little extreme to open it up? You’re going through this huge thing and I just wonder if the timing might not be great.

Hey, at least somebody said it. Denise’s mission of proving that she’s not a homewrecker is playing second fiddle now. Bet her publicist looooves that!