‘Pawn Stars’ Old Man Cuts Son Christopher Out Of His Will, Puts Richard In Charge Of His Estate

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The “Old Man” from Pawn Stars cut one of his sons completely out of his will for reasons that remain unclear, The Blast is reporting.

While families generally don’t air their dirty laundry in public, wills are matters of public record, and that means their contents are filed in court. And when Richard Harrison’s will was filed and made public, the media was there to take notes.

The “Old Man’s” will originally included his wife, JoAnne, and three children, Joseph, Richard, and Christopher, as beneficiaries. However, in 2017 he made an amendment to the will that cut Christopher out. Making things even weirder, the filing makes no mention of why he cut out Christopher, and indeed Richard even expressed his love and affection for his adult son in the document.

“I would like to express my love and affection for Christopher Keith Harrison, however, for purposes of this Will, I have intentionally and with full knowledge failed to provide for him and his issue.”

The will also puts Rick Harrison in charge of The Old Man’s estate, which presumably includes his Vegas pawn shop, the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, and all income derived from Pawn Stars’ new episodes and reruns.

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Rick is the only one of Richard’s three sons to be a regular on Pawn Stars; Joseph and Christopher were not part of the main cast. The rest of the series regulars included Rick’s son Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, and Corey’s childhood friend, Austin “Chumlee” Russell. Chumlee, you may recall, got into some legal trouble in 2016 and later pleaded guilty to a felony weapons charge; unlawful possession of a firearm; and to a gross misdemeanor of attempted drug possession. The plea deal allows him to serve three years probation instead of time behind bars.

As reported at the time by the Inquisitr, The Old Man died in June at the age of 77. Rick Harrison said that his father died of Parkinson’s Disease.

“‘The Old Man’ Harrison passed away this morning surrounded by those he loved. He will be tremendously missed by our family, the team at Gold & Silver Pawn and his many fans the world over.”

Since The Old Man’s death, something resembling a shrine has been set up inside the family’s Vegas pawn shop.


It is unclear, as of this writing, how much Richard Harrison’s estate is worth. Christopher Harrison, meanwhile, has not publicly commented on his father excluding him from his will.