$65,000 Chicken Wing Heist Lands Two Men Behind Bars

Atlanta, GA – Two men have been arrested after pulling off an alleged $65,000 chicken wing heist.

Dewayne Patterson and Renaldo Jackson were employees at a frozen food distribution center located on the outskirts of Atlanta. According to ABC News, the pair reportedly made off with around $65,000 worth of chicken wings in an operation they executed earlier this month.

Authorities explained that the men showed up at the Nordic Distribution Center with a rental truck to transport the frozen chicken. The thieves are suspected of loading 10 pallets of Tyson chicken into the vehicle when all was said and done.

WCTV reports that the heist didn’t go unnoticed by Patterson and Jackson’s employers. Managers told police they spotted one of the men loading $65,000 worth of chicken into the rented vehicle. Officers were soon summoned to the scene of the crime.

Authorities reportedly paid a visit to the suspects roughly a week after the incident took place. Both men were placed under arrest and charged with felony theft. Patterson and Jackson were later released on $2,950 bond.

Police said they currently have no idea what happened to the $65,000 worth of chicken wings the men stole from the distribution center.

According to the Gwinnett Daily Post, the National Chicken Council said that Super Bowl Sunday is easily the biggest day of the year for chicken wings. Reports recently surfaced that a supposed chicken wing shortage was on the horizon.

National Chicken Council chief economist and market analyst Bill Roenigk said of the potential shortage:

“Chicken companies produced about 1 percent fewer birds last year, due in large part to record high corn and feed prices. Corn makes up more than two-thirds of chicken feed and corn prices hit an all-time high in 2012, due to two reasons: last summer’s drought and pressure from a federal government requirement that mandates 40 percent of our corn crop be turned into fuel in the form of ethanol. Simply put, less corn equals higher feed costs, which means fewer birds produced.”

What do you think about the guys who were busted for their botched $65,000 chicken wing heist?