Kris Jenner Reveals Heartwarming Tradition Kylie Carried On After Birth Of Baby Stormi

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It has been less than six months since Kylie Jenner brought her firstborn baby, Stormi Webster, into the world, and an even shorter time since she shared the birth with the general public, but a recent report from E! Online goes to show that despite the secrecy, history has indeed repeated itself in the Kardashian household when it comes to childbirth.

During an interview that covered a myriad of topics with Fox News’ OBJECTified host Harvey Levin, Kar-Jenner matriarch Kris revealed that she brought all six of her children home from the hospital in gowns that she had specially selected for each child.

On the show, the famous mother shared the adorable printed set that Kylie was dressed in when she was taken home from the hospital back in 1997. The set included the iconic gown, as well as a matching bonnet, cap, and blanket, all of which Kylie donned when she was taken home by Kris after she gave birth over 20 years ago.

The most interesting tidbit she shared, however, was that over two decades later her daughter Kylie used the exact same set to bring her new daughter Stormi home just those few short months ago.

“I gave all of her baby stuff to her when she got pregnant with Stormi and Stormi wore it home from the hospital,” Kris said.

Kylie welcomed her baby into the world back in January with rapper Travis Scott, real name Jacques Webster. The pair had been dating for a short period subsequently after Kylie’s highly publicized split with former beau, rapper Tyga.

During the Fox interview, it seemed as though no subject was off limits for the famed family matriarch, as she dove deep into information about her personal life.

Kris Jenner admits to her biggest regret.
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The self-proclaimed “momager” recalled old memories such a close relationship with her grandparents as well as early days working in her family’s candle shop. But the information didn’t end there, as Jenner then explained how she had initially met her first husband, Robert Kardashian, and then the subsequent affair and divorce that had left her family financially ruined for a good period of time.

She also discussed initially meeting Caitlyn Jenner and then having their two final children, Kendall and Kylie. “I still had that dream of six kids,” Kris told Levin despite financial hardships for the family at that time. “I really wanted more babies.”

The mother also explained that despite the relationship her children have with Caitlyn now, things were not always smooth sailing. She stated that her daughter Kourtney was so distraught initially when the two began seeing each other that she wore black every day for a whole year in protest.