‘General Hospital’ Casting News: Vinessa Antoine’s Exit Leads To Recast For Character Of Jordan, Fans React

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital fans have had several big cast changes to adjust to over the past few months and now it is confirmed that another one is on the way. Vinessa Antoine is leaving GH and the role of Jordan Ashford due to a big primetime opportunity she received. Fans are quite disappointed to learn of her departure, and now reports are emerging with details regarding what the show plans to do after the actress departs.

As was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, Vinessa Antoine is leaving her gig as Jordan Ashford. The General Hospital actress explained that she actually wanted to stick around and do both GH and her new show, but the soap decided that it wouldn’t work for them. There has been speculation swirling about whether they’d write Jordan out or recast the character, and it sounds as if they’re going with a recast.

According to Soap Opera Digest, a representative from ABC has confirmed that General Hospital will recast the role of Jordan.

“Vinessa Antoine exercised her pilot out and is choosing to leave the show. While we are incredibly sad to see an actress of her caliber go, we feel that the character of Jordan Ashford is too important to lose and will be recasting the role.”

Recently, news emerged that General Hospital was working on casting a new African-American actress and they used the name “Jessica” in the casting call. Although fans did not yet know that Antoine was leaving as Jordan, many noticed that the description in the casting call did sound a lot like Vinessa’s character. Now, it seems quite likely that this call was indeed the starting point for the upcoming recast.

This is not the first significant cast departure in recent months and General Hospital spoilers have hinted that more may be on the horizon. Ryan Paevey left as Nathan, as did Dominic Zamprogna as Dante. The buzz is that Chloe Lanier is ending her run as Nelle soon and rumors have swirled about other potential exits.

Most fans are excited for Antoine, as she is leaving General Hospital due to an exciting primetime gig. However, many are disappointed that the writers didn’t give the character of Jordan enough juicy stuff to keep Vinessa around. Some wonder if the show would have been more accommodating to some other cast members, in terms of making the dual-show opportunity work, and not everybody is convinced that a recast is even necessary.

Will General Hospital bring in a known actress like Mishael Morgan, who just left Young and Restless, to take over for Vinessa Antoine or will Jordan Ashford be recast with a soap unknown? Morgan actually shared the news about Antoine’s gig via her Instagram page, congratulating her friend for making history with her new role. Some of Mishael’s followers immediately started suggesting the idea of the former Young and Restless star heading to GH, but given that the actress is also expecting another baby, the timing might not be quite right for a move like that.

Will fans accept someone new in the role, especially with the wedding to Curtis on the horizon? Stay tuned for additional spoilers regarding what comes next with the General Hospital character, recast, and storyline, as changes are probably coming on this front soon.