Hip Implants: ASR Lawsuit Trial For Johnson & Johnson Begins Today

Los Angeles, CA – Hip implants are going to trial in California today. Hip implant manufacturer Johnson & Johnson is being sued in a lawsuit for fraud and negligence.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the FDA had previously announced that it wanted stricter regulations for hip replacement surgeries using ASR all metal hip implants. All-metal hip implants were made to last longer than traditional implants, which are made from ceramic or a metal ball with plastic socket, but they are still only rated for about 15 years.

Many companies reportedly started marketing the the all-metal hip implants, which have a metal ball and metal cup, without first testing them out. According to AboutLawsuits.com, the wear and tear of the metal ball sliding against the cup can cause damage to bone and soft tissue around the implant, which requires further surgery to replace the hip implant. Many of these hip implants are failing relatively soon, and thousands are being required to undergo painful hip replacement surgeries again.

Johnson & Johnson sold a hip implant product manufactured by subsidiary DePuy Orthopedics for eight years until the product was recalled in 2010. Court documents show that Johnson & Johnson was aware of problems as early as 2008, and, according to CBS, “a 2011 company review of a patient registry concluded that more than one-third of the implants were expected to fail within five years of their implantation.”

Plaintiff Loren Kransky says he suffered from metal poisoning from a hip implant received in 2007, and he feared he would have died if the hip implant had not been removed. His lawyer “showed jurors pictures from a surgery in which black material could be seen in the patient’s hip socket. Attorney Michael Kelly said the material was from pieces of metal that had flaked off of the implant.”

The defense attorneys pointed out that Kransky suffered from a laundry list of pre-existing ailments:

“Mr. Kransky did not get worse because of the (implant) and did not get better when it was removed. Hip surgery is not perfect. No material to this very day has proven to be perfect.”

What do you think about the controversy over hip implants and these lawsuits?