‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel’s Accuser’s Lawyer Speaks Out About Potential Lawsuit

Brianna StelloBravo/NBC Universal

It is being confirmed that Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is facing more legal complications as past behavior is coming back to bite him. This particular situation is not criminal at this time, but Ravenel and his Season 5 girlfriend are being accused of harassing and smearing the name of Luzanne Otte, a Los Angeles lawyer Ravenel dated briefly last spring.

Page Six is reporting that the law firm of L. Lin Wood has been retained to represent Otte in this matter, and has sent out final warning letters to Ravenel, his girlfriend, and the blog where they shared the false information, All About the Tea. G. Taylor Wilson, a partner in Wood’s firm, says that Otte has been put through hell for no reason.

“Luzanne Otte has been subjected to a seemingly endless smear campaign that lacks even a kernel of truth”

Otte has retained the firm and is prepared to start the litigation process.

“For months, Ms. Otte has waited patiently for her accusers to let her continue to live a private life free of false public shaming. They haven’t. There comes a time when enough is enough, and that time is now. Ms. Otte has been forced to retain counsel to defend herself and has demanded that the false accusations against her cease. Any further false accusations will be met with litigation.”


At this point, Thomas Ravenel still doesn’t seem to be taking this matter seriously, as he is still being represented by one of his polo friends who is a family law attorney named Richard Terbrusch out of Connecticut. Terbrusch says that people come after Ravenel all the time because he’s a prominent target.

“My client enjoys a certain degree of fame and unfortunately has become — unfairly — a target for an individual who has, in my opinion, dubious motivations.”

Fitsnews says that Otte seems to have become the target of Ravenel, his girlfriend, and the blog after she broke things off with Ravenel, and his current girlfriend found out that she was a second choice with the offer to move to Charleston and be on the popular reality show.

Otte, who is a canon lawyer for the Catholic Church, has had her prestigious degrees questioned, and even her address and place of business published, and past cease and desist letters have been ignored.

The Wood law firm represented Dr. Phil against the National Enquirer and won $250 million for the television doctor and his wife after they were slandered.