Photos Of Cardi B Sans Makeup At Hair Salon Just Before Giving Birth Surface Online

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A rare photo of Cardi B sans makeup enjoying a rice and bean meal while having her braids removed at a hair salon in Atlanta just hours before she welcomed her daughter Kulture into the world has surfaced online.

According to the Daily Mail, who obtained these photos exclusively, the rapper was spotted at Sula’s Dominican Hair Salon in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband Offset in tow. After finishing her blowout and her meal, the very pregnant couple returned to their home.

Angela Duckworth – a customer in the salon at the same time as Cardi B – told the Daily Mail the rapper Facetimed a friend and discussed a recent doctor’s appointment, telling her friend she was currently two centimeters dilated.

“I was in the salon with a friend while she got her hair done when a couple came in,” Angela explained to the Daily Mail. “At first I didn’t think anything of them, until my friend told me it was Cardi B and Offset.” She continued, explaining that she didn’t even recognize the couple at first.

“He was holding her bags for her, one of them was a designer bag and the other was a plastic bag with food. He told her he had to go and let the cleaning lady into their house and he would be back to pick her up later. She immediately began tucking into her lunch. She was eating some kind of Spanish food. It looked like rice and beans. She came in with a multi-colored scarf on her head and was getting her cornrows out. She was getting her hair washed and blown out after.”

Angela continued to explain to the Daily Mail that the Atlanta salon she was at really wasn’t any place special or fancy – she certainly never expected to encounter someone famous.

In some of the photos – and based on customer opinions who were in the salon at the time – the rapper appeared to be extremely uncomfortable and very ready to give birth to her daughter.

Angela told the Daily Mail she told Cardi she looked like she was “ready to pop” and the rapper replied, “I wish.”

Hours later Cardi B and Offset welcomed their daughter Kulture into the world. As those who follow the couple know, Kulture is Cardi’s first baby and Offset’s fourth child.

Cardi B recently took to social media to give her fans an update on her new world as a mother, admitting that it was a very “all day and all night” kind of job. The rapper apologized to her fans for not responding to all the congratulations as she was adjusting to the demands of her newborn daughter.

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The new mom also recently took to Twitter to open up about her newfound understanding of why parents say you don’t wake a newborn baby when they are sleeping.

Cardi B and Offset have reportedly already spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,000 on baby Kulture’s nursery.