Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli Saves Truck Driver From Burning Rig

Ken Cuccinelli, the attorney general of Virginia, pulled a Cory Booker and saved a trucker from a vehicle that was engulfed in flames.

He and aide/driver Cory Chenard were returning to the state capitol in Richmond from a meeting and saw a semi-truck hauling a flatbed trailer with its back tires on fire. The operator of the truck apparently had no clue there was a problem because she couldn’t see the flames or smoke.

The truck was literally burning rubber.

They got the driver’s attention, and she pulled over, and that’s when Cuccinelli sprung into action according to NBC 12:

“Cuccinelli helped the driver out of the cab of the truck and then went in search of a fire extinguisher. After finding one he instructed Chenard to call for help and he ran to the back of the truck to help the driver put out the flames …

“After extinguishing the fire, Cuccinelli and Chenard sat and waited with the driver until Louisa County emergency crews arrived. Cuccinelli said the driver was in serious pain from an injury unrelated to the fire.”

The driver, who was from Kentucky, fortunately did not need medical assistance. She was also apparently unaware that she received roadside assistance from Virginia’s attorney general.

Cuccinelli is the presumptive GOP gubernatorial nominee. In Virginia, the governor can only serve one four-year term, so incumbent Republican Bob McDonnell will leave office at the end of this year.

Watch a news report on the assistance Ken Cuccinelli rendered to the Kentucky trucker:

[top image credit: Gage Skidmore]