Michelle Obama Dances At Beyonce And Jay-Z Concert In Paris And Fans Couldn’t Love It More

Jonathan BachmanGetty Images

Beyonce and Jay-Z have had fans buzzing over their recent performances with their On The Run II Tour and it seems that former First Lady Michelle Obama is one of the millions who has been loving what they’ve been doing. Jay-Z and Beyonce performed in Paris on Sunday and Obama was there and clearly had a blast.

As USA Today shares, Michelle Obama was at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Paris concert and she was getting her groove on. The former first lady was wearing a casual look that showed off her toned legs and made it easy for her to shake it as the concert progressed.

Obama wore silver hoop earrings and had her hair in loose, casual waves. Michelle also wore beige platform wedge sandals and she had on white shorts, a comfortable white camisole or tank top-style shirt and she had a loose white kimono-style top over it.

Reports detail that Michelle was there with daughter Sasha Obama, but as the concert started, the former first lady made her way down to the stage and was dancing next to Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mom. Harper’s Bazaar shares that Obama enjoyed dancing as Jay-Z sang “On to the Next One,” and he even gave her a wave.

Tina sat down during part of the song, but Obama was having none of that. She continued to dance and joined the crowd in raising her arms when Jay-Z called for everyone to step it up a notch. Concert attendees caught some of these moments via their phones and the posts quickly went viral on social media.

People on Instagram and Twitter went wild over the sightings of Michelle dancing at the Jay-Z and Beyonce concert. Many referred to her as a queen and a legend, and people loved how she was letting loose and having so much fun. Obama has made it clear that she was ready to leave the White House when Barack’s second term ended and she was anxious to live a more casual, relaxed life. Taking in the Paris On The Run II concert is certainly one great way to do just that.

Most people know that the Obamas have been friendly with Beyonce and Jay-Z for years and this isn’t the first time they’ve connected. It’s certainly not every day that people see the former first lady looking so casual and dancing as she pleases. However, Michelle Obama definitely embraced the opportunity to be more herself now that she’s no longer living in the White House and her fans loved seeing it.