Kathy Griffin Shares Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Beloved Dog Pom Pom

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Our furry family members mean everything to us, so when one gets sick or passes away, it is awful and devastating. So was the case Sunday night for comedian Kathy Griffin, who lost her pampered pooch.

“Tonight we said goodbye to our beloved Pom Pom. She was 13-years-old. I know many of you got to know her from My Life on the D-List…”

Griffin was referring to her hit reality show on Bravo that aired from Aug. 3, 2005, until Aug. 3, 2010. It followed her struggle as a self-proclaimed “D-list” celebrity trying to climb her way to the top of the Hollywood heap. Since it dealt with her reality, there was a lot of shooting the actress/comedian at home — and that’s how fans became familiar and fell in love with Pom Pom.

“Randy and I are heartbroken but relieved that she’s not in pain anymore. We miss you already, Pom Pom…you were a very good girl.”

It seems like her dog had been sick, growing weaker but still enjoying life as “she would still gather up all her strength to go out and patrol the front yard…while protecting our house from intruders she took the time to also catch some lizards and chipmunks. She would get antsy if she couldn’t patrol…she was a working woman.” But that changed last week as things got worse.


Pom Pom wasn’t Griffin’s only pet. She had others and shared about her experience of bringing them into the home with her top dog.

“When we first adopted Olivia and Elliot, Pom Pom had no idea what to do with them…she was a sophisticated woman…and these messy crazy kids were rolling around in all her favorite lizard hunting spots. I’m convinced our puppies Olivia and Elliot gave her an extra 7 months of life.”

This makes perfect sense to anyone who has ever had multiple pets. As a dog or cat ages, they tend to sleep more and become more withdrawn. But if there are younger whippersnappers around to rouse them and keep them young, it can have an amazing effect on the older animal. Of course, it might not be love at first sight.

“She wanted nothing to do with them when they first arrived but she begrudgingly accepted them and would occasionally give into their pleas and play with them in the backyard. But towards the end of her reign, Pom Pom would give in more and more. The other day she allowed Elliot (who was in love with her) to sit on her bed for 30 whole seconds. It was the best day of his life. Pom Pom was with me through so many ups and downs…goodnight my good girl.”