Big Film Trailers Including ‘Oz’ And ‘Iron Man’ To Air During Superbowl Sunday

For those of you who watch the Superbowl year in and year out, you’re well aware that there’s two things the majority of the audience look forward to besides the game: halftime and the commercials. However, now Superbowl has something new in the form of the most anticipated film trailers. These film trailers will air along with the commercial which is said to be seen by millions.

Disney Motion Pictures has two big guys in this Superbowl push: Oz, The Great and Powerful, and The Lone Ranger. Both films are anticipated for different reasons. While The Lone Ranger sees Johnny Depp without Tim Burton again, Oz brings forth a new spin on an old setting with stars James Franco, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams. In fact, Disney ran a sneak peek to the Oz Superbowl commercial set to air. It’s still the footage that we’re used to seeing by now but Disney has promised new footage come Superbowl Sunday.

Screencrush has kept a full list of the trailers that will run during the 47 commercials on Superbowl Sunday. In addition to Oz and The Lone Ranger is Tom Cruise’s Sci Fi Oblivion, Iron Man 3, Vin Diesel’s Fast Six, and Star Trek Into Darkness. Looks like we’re in store for some action packed blockbuster movies for the months of March all the way up to May, which is the month that Star Trek Into Darkness releases.

Are you excited to see any upcoming trailers during Superbowl Sunday? What do you look forward to more, the game or the commercials?