Cybill Shepherd Roasts Bruce Willis After Not Speaking To Him For 30 Years

Frederick M BrownGetty Images

Cybill Shepherd has finally reunited with her longtime TV co-star, Bruce Willis, proving that old habits don’t die hard. The actress took the stage at the Comedy Central Roast for her former Moonlighting co-star and she pretty much stole the show.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Willis had a surprise roaster when his ex-wife Demi Moore showed up to throw some jabs his way. While Willis and Moore divorced decades ago (“I look at our marriage like The Sixth Sense—you were dead the whole time,” Willis’ ex quipped), the 63-year-old actor reportedly had an even more acrimonious end with his TV co-star, Shepherd.

According to Variety, Shepherd, who co-starred with Willis on the ABC comedy-drama Moonlighting for five seasons, from 1985 to 1989) revealed that ahead of the roast that she hadn’t spoken to Bruce Willis for three decades. Still, the actress readily agreed to be a roaster so she could burn her former co-star on the big stage.

During the roast of Bruce Willis, Shepherd said of her former co-star, “Our characters on Moonlighting weren’t much of a stretch. I played a former model, which I was, and he played an a–hole, which he is… I know we haven’t had a conversation in 30 years but we’ll always have something more important: residuals.”


In another burn, Shepherd reportedly made a dig about Willis’ “mediocre” midlife career, according to USA Today.

“Hollywood wouldn’t be Hollywood if they didn’t reward a man for aging into mediocrity.”

On-screen, ’80s private eyes David Addison and Maddie Hayes flirted like mad for several seasons, but offscreen the actors who played them reportedly butted heads. Willis and Shepherd’s well-publicized personality conflicts made headlines back in the day, and the birth of Shepherd’s twins coincided with Willis’ foray into movie stardom, which resulted in less screen time between the two and a subsequent decline in ratings for their ABC show.

In a 2012 interview with, Shepherd downplayed the duo’s feud during their Moonlighting days, explaining, “At some point, we realized we were fighting before every scene, and we went, okay, we’ll have a little fight before we fight, and then people decided to run with it.”

The Bruce Willis Roast was recorded Saturday at the Hollywood Palladium and was led by Roast Master Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In addition to Moore and Shepherd, the roster of roasters included Edward Norton, Jeff Ross, Martha Stewart, Lil Rel Howery, Dennis Rodman, Kevin Pollak, Nikki Glaser, and Dom Irrera.

The Bruce Willis Roast airs July 29 on Comedy Central.