Alec Baldwin: I’m Relying On My Wife For Income After ’30 Rock’

Alec Baldwin is going to be out of work soon, so the 54-year-old actor is getting ready to rely on his yoga instructor wife for support.

Sort of.

The 30 Rock actor joked that with the NBC series going off the air, he has only one project on the near horizon — a show on Broadway called Orphans. After that, he’s apparently getting ready to lean on his wife.

“I am looking for work! I’m gonna go do a show on Broadway with Shia LaBeouf and then I’m out of work,” he explained to E! Online.

“I want my wife to go to work now! I told her I want her to sell a lot of yoga videos. Get out there! Get going! Go, go!”

Alec noted that the role in Orphans is the first stage role for Shia LaBeouf, but said he’s confident in the younger actor.

“I don’t think he is actually nervous. I mean, I think he is nervous in a healthy way, but he is very conscientious. And the character is him. It’s a young, tough, vibrant, alive young man.”

Alec Baldwin ended his run at 30 Rock with a bang, Cover Media noted. On Sunday he snagged a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role on the show, with co-star Tina Fey also taking home an award for her role as Liz Lemon.

“I was really, really happy that Tina won,” he smiled. “In the end, the writing is everything.”

In his speech, Alec Baldwin also remembered to thank his wife, CNN noted. It’s a good thing, especially with her apparently taking on a much larger role in the household income.

“Oh my God, This is ridiculous. I have to say thank you to Tina and all our great, great writers,” Alec Baldwin said in his acceptance speech. “It was the greatest experience I’ve ever had. I want to thank my wife Hilaria, who’s here with me, who’s my real prize in this world.”