Emily Ratajkowski Enjoys The California Sun At The Beach In A Leopard Print Bikini

Phillip FaraoneGetty Images

Emily Ratajkowski is back on the beach. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the 27-year-old model recently decided to try wearing bikinis around the house for a change, but her latest swimsuit snapshot was taken outdoors.

The In Darkness actress took a walk on the wild side during her trip to a sunny beach in Encinitas, California. On Sunday, Emily took to Instagram to show off one of the many leopard print bikinis that she owns. The string two-piece appears to be an Orpheus bikini from her own swimwear line, Inamorata Swim. She accessorized it with a floppy woven hat that blocked the sun from her flawless face. To save herself from suffering from an annoying case of sandy cheeks, Emily placed a dark red towel beneath her thong bikini bottoms. She then leaned back and gave the camera her best smile as she basked in the sun.

Emily Ratajkowski recently returned from a lengthy vacation in Mykonos, Greece, and she wrote that she was only going to be “home for a day.” Even though the model has a hectic schedule that includes a lot of globe-trotting, she clearly wasn’t about to let it stop her from missing out on a prime opportunity to head down to the beach to shoot at least one promotional bikini photo in the bright California sun.

Emily has a stunning golden glow in all of her swimsuit photos, and she recently spilled a few secrets about what she does to keep her skin looking so incredible. As reported by Celebretainment, the model told Grazia that she loves heading to the spa for facials and special skin care treatments like LED light therapy. She also said that she never goes to bed with her makeup on, and she uses retinol products regularly. However, there are times when Emily’s dewy skin actually gets a little too parched. When this happens, she skips the retinol in favor of a hydrating moisturizer or skin oil. And because the model spends so much time out in the sun, she always makes sure to slather on plenty of sunscreen.

Emily Ratajkowski also uses hats like the one pictured above to shield her face from the sun’s harmful rays. Sun hats seem to be one of her favorite items to wear this summer — next to swimsuits, of course — and she has a rather impressive collection of summer headwear. According to Business Insider, one extra-special piece that she owns is the giant “Le chapeau Bomba” straw hat designed by Simon Porte Jacquemus. Emily is wearing the floppy, tortilla-like hat in the photo below.

For her Mykonos trip, Emily also packed a much smaller straw hat with raw edges.

While Emily Ratajkowski’s headwear might be pretty stylish, it’s safe to say that most of her fans don’t follow her Instagram page for her hat photos.