Twitter’s Vine Hosts Pornographic Clip As ‘Editor’s Pick,’ Incites Outrage

Users of Twitter’s popular new video looping app Vine are outraged today after a pornographic video appeared as an “Editor’s Pick.”

Vine is barely a week old, and while the new app skyrocketed to incredible popularity in a matter of days, it has also been plagued by outages, social sharing hiccups, and now, a lot of porn. The new quick-edit video app has attracted porn aficionados the world over, with recycled porn clips and homemade amateur loops flooding the service, according to Social News Daily.

Twitter hasn’t commented on the porn issue, but they did note that the app is censorship-free so long as content is legal, so it’s unlikely that Vine’s porn problem will be curtailed anytime soon.

Still, just because there’s porn on Vine doesn’t mean pornographic videos have to make the “Editor’s Pick” tab, right? That exactly how many Vine users feel right now, because that’s exactly what happened.

BBC reports that a six-second pornographic clip appeared at the top of user home screens, covered by a warning. The image was removed after word spread on Twitter, but it made the “Popular now” ranking, so it was kind too late.

Twitter’s mea culpa:

“A human error resulted in a video with adult content becoming one of the videos in Editor’s Picks, and upon realizing this mistake we removed the video immediately,” said Twitter’s statement. “We apologize to our users for the error.”

Many users are upset about porn on Vine, but you generally have to go looking for it, chasing hashtags like #porn or #NSFW. However, the fact that a pornographic video made it to the front page has many users outraged.

“I clicked on the link because I thought the warning was a joke,” said one user. “I am furious I had to see something like this. Someone please tell me how to get it off my feed.”

Does Twitter’s Vine have a porn problem?