Trey Gowdy Says ‘Impeach Him For What?’ To The Rod Rosenstein Impeachment Rumor

Scott ApplewhiteAP

House Freedom Caucus leaders Reps. Mark Meadows, (R-North Carolina), and Jim Jordan, (R-Ohio) are rumored to be leading a movement to try to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein within the next couple of days. The main reason Rosenstein has been in the sights of the members of the House Freedom Caucus is that he is overseeing the Mueller investigation, and they want it shut down immediately. Also, they think he has dropped the ball on an investigation into biased FBI agents who are alleged to be anti-Trump.

The problem is, they really don’t have a legitimate legal reason to do so. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina), is a man in Washington that knows more than a few things about Intelligence Committee investigations, and he says there’s no basis for it, or in his own words, “Impeach him for what?”

Gowdy led the Benghazi investigation for two years, which turned up no convictions, so his credentials are in place when it comes to talking about just this kind of thing. Consisting of conservative and libertarian politicians, the House Freedom Caucus members are the most ideologically conservative House Republicans, according to a Time Magazine report on the group. They are so far right, that even Gowdy, who is considered very conservative, never joined their ranks.

While some point to a movement in the House to remove Rosenstein, Gowdy told Face The Nation, he isn’t so sure there are enough votes to make it happen, even if the legislation gets in play. He also joked that Politico may have better sources than he does, so maybe there is some momentum.


Gowdy, who is not seeking re-election, has been speaking more openly, and off-the-party mantra as of late, and has surprisingly been one of Rosenstein’s more vocal defenders from the right side of the aisle. On multiple occasions, Gowdy has made it clear that the Mueller investigation needs to continue, and as reported by the Washington Examiner, said that despite what Trump claims, the Russia meddling probe is not a witch hunt.

“I- I’ve had my differences with Rod Rosenstein. I-I talk to him quite often privately. Which, again, is a lot more constructive than the public hearings we have. He’s a Trump appointee. So is Jeff Sessions. So is Chris Wray. If President Trump is dissatisfied with Rod Rosenstein he can fire him with a tweet. But- but- but to impeach someone. I- no. I would not be- I’m not convinced there is a movement. I read about it in Politico and sometimes their sources are better than mine. But- but I’m not part of that.”

Despite having grilled Rosenstein in the past, as reported by The Hill, Gowdy believes that Rosenstein is doing his job and has not, in any way that he can see, impeded the investigation into FBI agents the House Freedom Caucus has alleged to be biased against Trump. Gowdy agrees with the bias allegation, but not with the Rosentein impeding justice portion of the claim, as was reported by CBS News where a full transcript of his interview is available.