Galaxy Note 9: Final Design And Price Of Samsung’s 2018 Flagship Phablet Just Got Leaked

The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be released on August 24, 2018, and as the all-important date approaches, leaks about the device’s features and design continue to trickle down in a steady stream. Just recently, what appears to be the final design of the Galaxy Note 9 was revealed in a leak, followed by what could very well be the first real estimate of the upcoming flagship phablet’s retail price.

In a way, the Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be a device that could save Samsung this 2018, considering that its first flagship — the Galaxy S9 — received a lukewarm response from both users and critics alike. The Galaxy S9 was in no way a bad smartphone, but it lacked the “wow” factor present in the company’s devices like the Galaxy S8, or the Galaxy S6 Edge, for that matter. With the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung could have a chance to prove that even devices with simple upgrades could be powerful and desirable enough to warrant a purchase.

As noted in a T3 report, a new leak has emerged showing what the final design of the Galaxy Note 9 would look like. As could be seen in the images of the flagship phablet, it seems practically identical to the Galaxy Note 8, save for an S-Pen slot that is a bit more flush than the outgoing unit. While the exterior of the 2018 flagship is similar to its predecessor, however, the upcoming device does feature several key improvements, among these being a more robust S-Pen.

The S-Pen is one of Samsung’s aces in the smartphone industry. Being one of the most advanced stylus in the market, the S-Pen has become a trademark for Samsung’s Note series. Over the years, the S-Pen has gotten progressively better, with the accessory getting more and more features. This year, the S-Pen is set to receive even more tricks.

According to rumors about the device, the Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen will have Bluetooth connectivity, which would give the accessory the capability to double as a wireless remote and a camera trigger. Speculations are also high that the Galaxy Note 9’s stylus could double as a remote trigger for the smartphone’s camera, or as a slideshow controller. There are even rumors that the S-Pen could be used as a controller for the smartphone when it is paired with a VR headset.

Apart from neat S-Pen tricks and design leaks, the price of the Galaxy Note 9 also appears to have been leaked. According to a BGR report, a report from a Russian blogger who was reportedly able to get his hands on an unreleased Samsung hardware has stated that the Note 9 would be offered at a similar price point as the Note 8. This means that there is a good chance that the Note 9 would start somewhere in the $950 range.