Houston Teacher Allegedly Planning To Escape Country With 16-Year-Old ‘Lover’ [Video]

Kathryn Murray, 29, was arrested and charged with sexual child abuse in February, after allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old student. Now, two more counts of sexual abuse of a child and one count of improper relations with a student have been added to the Houston teacher’s charges after she allegedly tried to flee the country with her now 16-year-old “lover.”

Murray was also charged with harboring a runaway child. The boy, now 16-years-old, was 15 when he began his alleged relationship with Murray.

The eighth-grade teacher was allegedly planning a trip to Mexico with the teen, and was found in her father’s home with the student after the court banned her from any contact with him.

Murray was ordered to surrender her passport to authorities.

The former teacher was initially accused of having sex with the boy at his home in February 2012 while his parents were out of town, then again in a hotel room at a school dance, and in her classroom on two occasions.

Murray was removed from the classroom pending the initial investigation, and was later let go from her position.

“The alleged conduct of Murray is shocking and outrageous, and will never be tolerated in our school district,” Spring Branch Independent School District spokesperson Steve Brunsman said in a statement.

Spring Branch ISD Police Chief Chuck Brawner said Murray’s alleged actions “will never be tolerated by law enforcement” and he is confident the case will lead to a conviction.

“We have a victim and it’s our student. And it’s not only the victim who’s affected, but it’s every student that goes to that school,” Brawner said. “What this teacher has done is violate the trust parents place in teachers.”


Murray taught at her alma mater, Memorial Middle School, for three years as a Language Arts teacher.

“This alleged conduct is a reprehensible violation of the trust that our children and our community place in our educators every day,” Brawner added.

What do you think should happen to Murray, after her repeated attempts to have a relationship with a teen 14 years younger than she is?

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