MAGA Hats, Many Of Them Made In China, Will Now Cost More Thanks To Trump’s Chinese Tariffs

John M. ChaseShutterstock

Donald Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods has come back to bite him quicker than people would have expected.

“Make America Great Again” hats, which were a staple during Trump’s campaign rallies and can even now be seen donned by scores of the president’s supporters every time he goes to pitch a potential lawmaker for the midterms, are set to see a price surge thanks to Trump’s Chinese tariffs.

According to the Hill, California-based company IncredibleGifts, which is one of the leading makers of MAGA hats similar to those sold officially by the Trump campaign, is worried that it would have to pull out from manufacturing the hats in China. The company’s owner David Lassoff believes that the cost of a single MAGA hat would more than double from $9 to $20 now that he would be forced to produce the hats in the United States.

Claiming that the MAGA hats are still the best-selling item of his company, Lassoff said he has no option but to keep as many MAGA hats as possible in stock, before the tariffs on Chinese goods start taking effect.

“We usually sell the MAGA hats for around $9 to $12. But it could go up to $20 if we had to make them in the U.S. and embroider them here,” Lassoff said, adding that his company is “trying to make sure we have enough hats in stock now, so if things change, we’re prepared.”


Donald Trump has kept to his campaign promise of viewing China as a formidable trade enemy, imposing tariffs on $50 billion worth of goods earlier this month, which led the Chinese government to deem it the “largest trade war in economic history,” as reported by the Inquisitr. That also made China slap tariffs on American soybeans, which would hit U.S. soybean farmers who were on the verge of making America the biggest exporter of soybeans to China.

Nonetheless, Trump remains unperturbed by the Chinese reaction, as he is preparing to impose tariffs on as much as $200 billion of Chinese goods in the coming days. Not only MAGA hats, but it has been reported that Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, with many of its products made in China, will also suffer from her father’s trade war — but not as much as the American farmers because tariffs have only been imposed on leather goods, meaning her apparels and shoes will circumvent the sanctions.

But in any case, Trump’s supporters will now have to spend more to sport his trademark hat.