Paraplegic Man Allegedly Zip-Tied And Tased Stripper In His Home


Johnnie Thompson of Decatur, Georgia, contracted a stripper to perform for him in his home. What happened next is something that could be straight out of a horror movie. Police allege the 31-year-old Thompson forced the performer to go to his bedroom using a handgun and taser to threaten her. He demanded she remove her clothes and provide him with sexual favors. Paralyzed from the waist down, Thompson was still physically capable of subduing her using zip-ties to secure her ankles.

Thompson again demanded sex from the stripper, whose name has not been released, according to the Edmonton Sun, who refused him. That is when Thompson turned the violence, up. He tased her in the chest, not once, but twice. The voltage was not high enough to completely incapacitate her, however. He then fired two rounds from a handgun in her general direction to show her that saying no was not an option. KRMG has reported that he then raped her and assaulted her further.

Somehow the dancer managed to maneuver herself into a position where she could push Thompson out of the room. At that point, she cut herself free, called 911, and escaped out of a window. When police arrived on the scene, they found her partially nude with the prongs from the stun gun still embedded in her chest.


When police investigated the scene, a home Thompson lives in with his parents, the bedroom he had taken the dancer to was set up with computers and recording equipment. Police have not disclosed whether or not the recording equipment captured any evidence of the assault. Further investigation of the house uncovered the presence of more zip-ties and a machete.

Thompson was cited by the Palm Beach Post as saying that the dancer went crazy and he was only defending himself. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

Three months ago, another dancer filed a suit against Thompson, according to a report on WHIO. No details have been provided regarding the nature of the claims made in that report.

Decatur police are urging anyone who may have been assaulted by Thompson to please come forward and contact them. Further advice has been provided that performers who do in-home shows, or perform in places that are not a controlled setting, take caution and make sure that someone knows where they are and when they are due to leave the engagement.