Donald Trump Gets Beat At His Tough-Guy Handshake Game By Queen’s Petite Lady In Waiting

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Donald Trump recently took to Twitter to reveal that golf is his “primary form of exercise,” but perhaps a recent encounter with a little old lady might have the American president rethinking his upper body workout routine.

As reported by The Daily Express, Donald Trump was in for quite a surprise when he shook hands with Queen Elizabeth’s Lady in Waiting during his Friday visit to Windsor Castle. Trump has a habit of turning his handshakes into shows of strength, and his favorite move seems to be a forceful yanking motion that pulls whomever he is shaking hands with off-balance, resulting in the surprised recipient of the aggressive greeting being forced to step towards him. Some world leaders have begun preparing for their handshake showdowns with the president, as evidenced by a photo recently shared by The Inquisitr. In the image, Donald Trump has a visible thumbprint on the back of his hand. It was the result of French President Emmanuel Macron trying to win one of the two leaders’ many handshake battles.

Queen Elizabeth’s Lady in Waiting, Virginia Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie, was similarly prepared when Donald Trump reached for her hand soon after his arrival at Windsor Castle. Trump towered over the diminutive 95-year-old, who was clad in the color of the Trump resistance: bright pink. However, she had a fascinator adorned with a matching pink bow, not a pussyhat, perched atop her gray coif.

Ogilvy leaned forward to shake hands with Trump, and the two firmly grasped hands for a moment before the Lady in Waiting pulled the Commander in Chief toward her to say something to him. He appeared to try to pull away, but she yanked him back one more time before releasing her grip.


Twitter users celebrated Virginia Ogilvy’s arm wrestling match with the American president, with some suggesting that she knew exactly what she was doing and had pre-planned the awkward exchange. Others thought it was hilarious to see Trump getting a taste of his own medicine from someone he least expected to dish it out.


The Queen reportedly informed Donald Trump that Virginia Ogilvy was American during the brief encounter. According to The Peerage website, Ogilvy was born in New Jersey. She became the Countess of Airlie when she married David George Patrick Coke Ogilvy, 8th Earl of Airlie, in 1953, and she’s been serving as Her Majesty’s Lady of the Bedchamber since 1973.

So what did Ogilvy prove to Trump by beating him at his own handshake game? The Independent interviewed body language expert Darren Stanton about the president’s aggressive handshake form, and he explained what it means when someone pulls another person towards them — just like Ogilvy did — while shaking hands.

“For President Trump, it’s all about the assertion of power and control,” Stanton said. “Trump is saying ‘this is my space, my time, you are the guest, my house rules apply.'”

Macron And Trump Engage In Handshake Power Struggle
French President Emmanuel Macron Attempts to Keep Donald Trump From Yanking Him Off-BalanceFeatured image credit: Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

There’s no word on whether the Queen’s Lady in Waiting was trying to send this same message to Donald Trump, but this probably won’t be the last time one of the president’s handshakes will be analyzed. He’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, and it’s safe to say that all eyes will be on the leaders’ hands when they greet one another ahead of the controversial summit.