July 14, 2018
5-Year-Old Who Died Of Cancer Wrote His Heartbreaking And Hilarious Obituary, Saying 'See Ya Later, Suckas'

A 5-year-old boy who died of a rare form of cancer left one last gift to those around him -- a heartbreaking and hilarious obituary that he put together himself in his final days.

Garrett Michael Matthias was battling a deadly cancer called alveolar fusion negative rhabdomyosarcoma when his parents helped him to capture the things he loved the most and hated the most about his life. As the Huffington Post noted, the result was a list that was equal parts tear-jerking and laugh-inducing.

The boy's parents asked the questions and helped to record the answers. For the things he loves in life, Garret said: "Playing with my sister, my blue bunny, thrash metal, LEGOs, my daycare friends, Batman, and when they put me to sleep before they access my port."

The list of "hates" included: "Pants!, dirty stupid cancer, when they access my port, needles, and the monkey nose that smells like cherry farts."

Garrett was diagnosed with cancer nine months ago, and his condition quickly deteriorated. His mother, Emilie Matthias, said the 5-year-old often had a difficult time dealing with the condition. During those difficult days, his parents helped Garrett think about the happy things in his life, which was put together into his obituary.

"We never necessarily talked about his funeral so we never had the conversation with him that he was going to die, but we had a lot of conversations around it," Emilie told WPLG.

In his obituary, Garrett also included some instructions for what should be included at his memorial, including five bouncy houses (because he was 5-years-old) along with "Batman and snow cones." He didn't want to be buried, but instead burned, "like when Thor's Mommy died" so he could be made into a tree that he could live inside "when I'm a gorilla." Garrett said he wanted to become a gorilla so he could "throw poo at Dad."

The 5-year-old boy ended the obituary with a poignant send-off: "See ya later, suckas!"

Some friends of the family set up a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for the boy's medical expenses, and it has attracted donors from across the country. Many shared condolences with the family and admiration for the boy's spirit, even amid such a difficult battle.

Garrett's parents followed through with his wishes, with plans to hold a memorial in the traditional style of Asgard, Thor's home. They said they are still trying to figure out how to make his ashes into a tree.