‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Will Have More Episodes In Its Final Season

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Fans of the musical The CW series can rejoice as the new season of the show will have more episodes than the ones before it. TVLine has confirmed that the upcoming fourth and final season will run for 18 episodes instead of the 13 episodes that aired during both Season 2 and Season 3.

The last season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended with a semi-enlightened Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) confessing to all her wrongdoings, including the attempted murder of her stalker ex, Trent, basically condemning herself to a potential felony charge and an extended prison stay — in an effort to gain the forgiveness of her best friend, Paula.

Unfortunately, her admission of guilt triggers a series of “unintended consequences for her West Covina friends,” according to the official synopsis of Season 4 provided by The CW.

“Nathaniel feels betrayed by her, Josh is taken aback by her, and Darryl is parenting her baby. Paula, Heather and Valencia remain staunchly by Rebecca’s side but they are busy finding their own identities (as a law student, regional manager and kickass party planner, respectively.)”

Sure, the show might be ending with a season finale like the one provided by Season 3, but there is undoubtedly quite a bit of story left to be told, as well as some burning questions that need to be answered.

The Inquisitr previously reported on the show’s ending. After the announcement was made, Crazy-Ex Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom posted a note to committed fans who supported the show from its debut in 2015, when it was presumed that the show was on the brink of being cancelled due to its low ratings.

“The odds of selling a TV show pitch are small,” Bloom said. “The odds of getting a pilot shot are even smaller. The odds of getting that show ordered to series are even smaller. The odds of getting past season one are even smaller. Because of #TheCW, #CrazyExGirlfriend beat the odds.”

At the time, the boss of the network, Mark Pedowitz, reiterated his support and said that the network intended to stand by the show despite its falling ratings, as well as its unusual and controversial subject matter.

According to TV Guide, Pedowitz defended the show.

One of the reasons we all like this show is that in a very fluffy, fun way it gets at serious topics: Mental illness, instability, taking drugs to try to cure yourself.”

“I don’t think we want a homogenized version of that show. We wanted that very in-your-face point of view and we supported it and if that’s the reason we’re not getting a mass audience, then I’m sorry to hear that but we’re not asking them to change the show,” he continued.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns on Thursday, July 19, on The CW.