Taylor Swift Shares Cute Throwback Photo After Returning To Her Hometown

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Long before Taylor Swift was penning tunes about shedding teardrops on her guitar, she was just a cheerful little girl who liked to draw with sidewalk chalk and play hopscotch.

As reported by E! News, Taylor Swift took a trip down memory lane on Friday. The 28-year-old “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” singer is currently in the Keystone State for her Reputation Stadium Tour, which includes two shows in Philadelphia, so she decided to drop by her old home in Reading, Pennsylvania, ahead of her performances. During her visit, she snapped a cute photo that she later shared with her Instagram followers.

In the image, Taylor is standing on a concrete driveway in front of a rustic white shed. She’s rocking a pair of short black shorts and a matching black top, and she’s holding up a picture that she definitely won’t want to burn: a throwback snapshot of a tiny Taylor posing in front of the same shed many years ago. The curly-haired little girl is standing on top of a hopscotch court that she’s sketched on the ground with chalk, and she’s taking a break from the game to ham it up for the camera. An orange cat is visible behind the longtime feline fan, who is now the proud mama of two spoiled house kitties named Meredith and Olivia.

Taylor’s childhood photo is inside an album, and there’s a note on the opposite page describing it.

“Taylor, 4 years old, playing hopscotch on the driveway with one of the barn cats in the background. Of course,” it reads.

Taylor Swift created her own caption for the photo within a photo.

“Take me home,” she wrote.

Take me home ????

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As reported by the New Yorker, Taylor Swift’s childhood home was located on a Christmas tree farm, but her parents didn’t make a living selling the festive greenery surrounding their house; her dad was a stockbroker who purchased the farm from one of his clients, and her mom also worked in finance. When she was a little girl, Swift used to say that she wanted to follow in her parents’ footsteps, even though she had no idea what a stockbroker or financial adviser was.

However, she eventually developed a love of country-pop crossover music that changed the trajectory of her young life. While she was pursuing her budding music career as a young teen, her family moved to a small town near Nashville, Tennessee — and the rest is history.

Taylor Swift now owns her own massive home in Nashville, which is just one of many in her real estate portfolio. According to Trulia, she also owns swanky properties in Beverly Hills, New York City, and Watch Hill, Rhode Island. It’s probably tough to choose a place to lay your head when you have so many different options available, so who can blame Taylor for occasionally wanting to return to a simpler time when she only called one place home?