London Protest Against Trump Is Decidedly British With Hilarious Signs

Chris RatcliffeGetty Images

The British populous is generally hallmarked by the stiff upper lip and all that keep calm and carry on stuff, but something about Donald Trump visiting has left them unhinged, or at least unhinged, British style. While Trump was visiting the London area, people took to the street in protest, even in the midst of what they called a “heat wave.”

But while many of the posters and signs contained vulgarities, many of them had posts that would not likely be carried in the United States, says the Daily Beast. Some referenced tea and British past times, but all clearly told Trump that he was not welcome in the United Kingdom. Over 60,000 people signed up to attend the rally, and that was prior to offending Theresa May by saying essentially that he likes Boris Johnson better, as he thinks May messed up Brexit.

At the protest, someone created a 10-foot statue of a golden hand giving the middle finger. There were speeches and special interest groups marching, but what almost all of them had in common was a dislike of Trump. Some people were local, but others traveled to march in London to get Trump’s attention.


A man named Murray Brown traveled from Cambridge to London for various reasons.

“Well, I don’t like fascism, I don’t like homophobia, I don’t like slagging off other countries and calling them sh**holes because they’re third world countries,” he said. “I don’t like sexism, grabbing women. Where do you start? There’s so many reasons it’s hard to pick, you just don’t know where to start.”

A reporter from the Daily Beast asked what Brown would say if Trump was standing in front of him.

“I’d tell him to f**k right off and not come back.”

And then there were the signs, and many of them were very funny. One had a cartoon of Mary Poppins with Donald Trump’s face with phrasing from a Mary Poppins song.

“Super Callous, Fragile Racist Sexist Nazi POTUS.”

Another person had a sign that suggested that Trump should be fed to Queen Elizabeth’s favorite dog.

“Feed Him To The Corgis.”

Others said that they are already stuck with Boris Johnson, they certainly don’t need Trump. Alan Hamilton of London says that Trump needs to be told that the way he acts is unacceptable.

“If someone behaves badly then they should be shown that their behavior is totally unacceptable in the modern world. Seventy years ago we fought against fascism as a country and the forces of the right definitely seem to be reforming. Hopefully, the people here will make connections together and make a difference.”

Some of the stranger, yet more British signs read, “I came here to drink tea and fight fascism. I’ve finished my tea,” and another said, “Trump wears poorly tailored suits.”

During the march, a large, unflattering balloon of Trump was flown overhead.