David Arquette Gets Slapped By Pro Wrestler RJ City At A Movie Premiere Ahead Of Their Upcoming Match


In what is clearly but hilariously a work, David Arquette recently walked the red carpet to promote his new film, 350 Days, and found himself with a faceful of RJ City for his trouble.

TMZ was live on the red carpet where David Arquette encountered the pro wrestler, who “pimp slapped” the actor. Originally, the battle was only verbal, but it didn’t take long for the fur to start flying. This confrontation is a spill-over from their ongoing Twitter beef.

It also perhaps goes without saying that this was all advance promotion for their upcoming exhibition match for an organization called Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. You can see their awesome website here.

Arquette and RJ City will face off on Sunday, July 15, at 3:00 p.m. PST at the Oceanview Pavillion in California.

It bears stating, for the record, that David Arquette was a former WCW Champion, back when that league was in existence. In a different report for TMZ, however, Arquette has made clear that he hasn’t wrestled a full match in nearly 20 years.

But for this match with the Canadian wrestler, he’s going all out. He claims he went to Tijuana, Mexico, to train with luchadores in preparation for the event. He also claims he’s doing DDP yoga and training like crazy.

The most hilarious part of all of this, however, is David Arquette’s claim that his biggest motivation is “to bring respect back to Betty White’s name.” What a prince!


In a previous report from the Inquisitr, it was revealed that the WWE was interested in bringing David Arquette back into the ring for some exhibition matches.


When the Vince McMahon-owned company made the announcement, Twitter went nuts and welcomed the return of the “Magic Man.”

Arquette also told Wendy Williams at the time that his career in wrestling began almost by accident — he was doing a promo spot for a 2000 film, Ready to Rumble, and that led to a series of events that resulted in him battling it out for the WCW Championship belt, which he ultimately won.

But that win came at a price: Arquette also told Wendy Williams that fans of the now-defunct league told him that he was responsible for its demise, and to a degree, he does blame himself.

However, wrestling experts blame Vince Russo — not David Arquette — for the demise of the WCW, and claim that the ratings for the now-defunct league had been on a steady decline since 1999.