Wave County Water Park Brawl Captured On Video After White Man Allegedly Shouts Racial Slurs At Black Family

A brawl at a Nashville water park, involving at least 40 people, was captured on video after a white man allegedly yelled racial slurs at a black family. However, the two families involved in the brawl differ over what happened, and as of this writing, police have not issued any criminal charges.

As WZTV (Nashville) reports, the brawl happened at Nashville’s Wave Country water park last weekend, a small water park owned by the City of Nashville. The argument seems to have begun when a man from the white family bumped into a float with three black girls in it. What happened next is a matter of dispute.

The African American girls say that the white man started yelling racial slurs at them. That prompted Amanda Holt and her family to approach the white man’s family to discuss the incident.

“With us approaching them, that’s when all the aggression from them started and that’s when we were called the ‘N’ word.”

However, according to Raw Story, Jonathan Sellers (whose last name is spelled as “Sellars” in WZTV’s report), who is white, disputes that.

“They had their kids throwing stuff at us, calling us white trash this and that, and all kind of craziness.”

Eventually, fists started flying. The brawl was captured on video, which you can see below.

Tyrone Hold appears to have suffered the worst in the brawl. He has a broken hand and a broken eye socket and will wind up with a metal plate in his head.

“They tried to gang me so I just started trying to defend myself. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground kicked and punched.”

Police haven’t made any arrests, as they’ve been unable to determine who was the aggressor and who was the victim.

One thing that both sides of the brawl agree on, however, is this: both say that Wave Country didn’t do enough to provide security at the park – security that would have presented such a brawl. Both families say they intend to pursue criminal charges against the park.

This is the latest in a long and ever-growing list of racially-motivated incidents to have occurred at swimming pools around the country this summer. In what may be the most egregious and most well-publicized incident, a South Carolina woman named Stephanie Sebby-Strempel allegedly hassled African American teenagers at a pool, telling them they “didn’t belong.” After video of the incident went viral, she was let go from her job.