Priyanka Chopra Talks About Her Long-Distance Friendship With Meghan Markle

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It seems being married to a member of the royal family is truly as “happily-ever-after” as it gets, at least that looks to be the case for Meghan Markle. Markle married Prince Harry in a beautifully extravagant wedding on May 19, and has since been adjusting quite nicely to her new royal role. According to close friend and Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra, the Duchess of Sussex is living her best life as a newlywed.

Reports from People say that the actress was spotted at the Vogue x Saks Hamptons Dinner at Wolffer Estate Vineyard on Thursday, July 12, where she graciously offered an update on how her royal BFF was handling married life and all that comes with it. Chopra also expressed how happy she is to see her friend doing well.

“She’s doing amazing,” Chopra said. “It’s so nice to see.”

The two ladies first met at the ELLE Women in Television dinner back 2016, and instantly bonded as actors; at the time, Markle was still starring on the USA drama, Suits. Since their initial meeting, the two became fast friends and have been photographed together on numerous occasions; Markle even posted this snap to her Instagram back when she was active on social media.

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Although the BFFs have been seen together less often since Markle’s marriage took her across the pond and Chopra has been focused on her flourishing acting career and her own high-profile relationship with Nick Jonas, they don’t seem to be struggling to maintain their friendship. When it comes to her long-distance friendship with Markle, Chopra said the following.

“I think friendships depend on people individually and how personal your relationship is. You can have work friendships, those are different. But when you have real friendships, like ours, it doesn’t matter what people look at you as or where your world goes, you sort of just, stay friends. And I think that’s what we’re like.”

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Another contributing factor to their lasting friendship is their shared sense of style.

“I’ve always thought she was a super stylish girl,” Chopra said. “She’s someone that I’ve always looked up to for her style. Always, before she got married. And I just think she’s so well turned out always and she’s so chic in what she wears.”

Meanwhile, the Bollywood-Hollywood actress has been staying busy these days, tying to split working between the U.S. and India.

“I do want to try it,” she said of working in both places. “I’ve been trying to attempt it, which means a lot of transcontinental flights. But that’s okay. I don’t jet lag anymore. I literally landed four hours ago, and I’m here. And I don’t get tired.”

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas attending MET Gala
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As for Chorpa’s love life, according to Elle, she and Nick Jonas may have already moved in together. A source told the magazine that Jonas has pretty much been living in Chopra’s New York pad and the couple has been spending a lot of time together — some would even say they’ve been inseparable since going public with their relationship.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Jonas is said to be “obsessed” with the Indian actress and could actually pop the question sooner rather than later.